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24 December 2014

The still life objects

Which means:

It comes together in a single composite picture dozens of inert objects, each of which has some meaning that evokes memories of moments or places (and not people) that have been able to generate certain feelings, and which in turn have been able to influence some of the songs included in this collection ‘ ombo´

The selected objects are placed over and around my “kawai piano”, the main instrument used to compose, and present in almost all of my themes.

In addition to the piano, quite a few musical instruments more are in still life: Spanish guitars (built by master luthier manuel contreras, of which I have 6 models) and that is my main instrument as an interpreter; rociera shank and the rattle – who accompanied me to numerous rocieros roads and other travel and holidays (such as the recent wedding in Morocco); the drum – instrument of my land that sounds in the song “pioneer”, first I sang and dedicated to my father; a circular Andean flute (don’t remember her name); the Russian balalaika (there were my grandparents); Castanets (sticks) I learned to play; the score of “yesterday” by my admired “beatles”, the string instrument Russian, similar to the zamfonia trapezoid shaped…

Many of the objects are pleasant memories and souvenirs of some of the fabulous trips I have done around the world throughout my life so far (think do many more). Dew (medals and the brotherhood of Seville cordobes Hat), hawaii, Greece, Morocco, argentina, Jordan, Brazil, israel, america North and central, East, Italy and some of its most beautiful cities such as Florence and Venice, cuba, Russia, Canary Islands… and my favorite sites like formentera and san juan de alicante.

Other objects represent so important and beloved collections that I have, and that I have spent a long time in some moments of life: stamps, coins, minerals, shells, fossils, rhinos, Crystal “Swarovski” etc. be collector in a way of being that I characterized and that probably has something to do with my psychology as a person. Are also some objects related with others of my hobbies, like skiing, music, travelling, diving, reading…

No doubt all of these objects represent places and special moments that I can evoke to contemplate them, and remember the experiences that have been born the musical themes which are part of this project. They are not the objects themselves that matter, are not the end (fetish or collecting) they are just a means to get to the feelings that they remind me.

Some objects that evoke specific memories: the first stamps of israel, manufactures it corrugated cardboard “kargal” (the first industrial zevik, my father – the second adventure was in alicante and enabled my encounter with lourdes), my first album “Prince of the sea”, real madrid, club of my love even when I was a child in israel, the symbols of the “fraternities” in which I was in the United States, shields of the army that served as a recruit, the club of regatas of alicante, Jerusalem (our wedding gift of silver in 1993, by Sun and sara), extra-flat watch “piaget”, gift of the family of lourdes in our loss of hand, even some things that were in the houses of my parents and grandparents…

Mallorca // Piano Studios II
  1. Mallorca // Piano Studios II
  2. Heart of Pure Gold Instrumental // Piano Studios II
  3. Thoughts // Ron 2020/22
  4. Java Samba // Ron 2020/22
  5. Improvisation // Ron 2020/22
  6. Cuenca // Piano Studios II
  7. New Year piano // Ebony and Ivory Vol. 1
  8. Sea Shells Waltz // Ron 2020/22
  9. Anonymity (instrumentral) // Ron 2020/22
  10. Calima // Ron 2020/22
  11. True Love (instrumental) // Soul in calm vol. 2
  12. Evita // Piano Studios II
  13. Automn of Sadness Instrumental // Ron Gidron - Alma en Calma
  14. Faith // Ron 2020/22
  15. Stride // Ron 2020/22
  16. Melancovidia Instrumental // Ron 2020/22
  17. Olimar // Piano Studios III
  18. Illusion L75 // Ron Gidron - Ron/2022
  19. In key 3×4 // Ron 2020/22
  20. Oh life, instrumental // Ron Gidron - CD 2018
  21. Tate Gallery (London) // Ron 2020/22
  22. Quarantine // Ron 2020/22
  23. Patience // Ron Gidron - Ebony 4
  24. Automn of Sadness // Ron Gidron - Blue Epoque
  25. Thames London // Ron 2020/22
  26. Mesiah // Movie Music OST
  27. Allemand // Ron 2020/22
  28. Covid Nightmare (Illa) // Ron 2020/22
  29. Tribute to MLS // Ron 2020/22
  30. French Waltz // Ron 2020/22
  31. Waltz Tango // Piano Studios V
  32. Ride // Ron Gidron - Ride
  33. Tipa Tipa // Dances
  34. Sentiments Instrumental // Children and cradle songs
  35. Chubby Baby Instrumental // Ron Gidron - CD2018
  36. Creole // Ron Gidron - CD2018
  37. My Sambita // Latin Rhythms
  38. The Capricho with Bandoneon // Ron Gidron - CD2018
  39. For Health // Piano Studios V
  40. Night in Sierra nevada // Waltzes II
  41. Don’t go away // Piano Studios V
  42. Playing with colours // Songs in English
  43. Katros // Ron Gidron - CD2018
  44. Playing with colors, Instrumental // Piano Studios IV
  45. The Important // Ron Gidron - CD2018
  46. Ho Ho Ho // Children and cradle songs
  47. Western // Ron Gidron - CD2018
  48. Ho Ho Ho Instrumental // Piano Studios IV
  49. Sara // Discography
  50. Fair Play // Piano Studios V
  51. Emotions // Children and cradle songs
  52. To Satie // Instrumentals for Relaxation
  53. Emotions Instrumental // Piano Studios V
  54. Aitana (Quartet) // Instrumentals for Relaxation
  55. Reflections // RON GIDRON - CD2016
  56. Divan // Piano Studios IV
  57. Kabalát Shabát (Instrumental) // RON GIDRON - 2017 NEW THEMES
  58. Good Morning Instrumental // Piano Studios IV
  59. Arpeggios // Piano Studios IV
  60. Cordova // RON GIDRON - 2017 NEW THEMES