Biography Ron Gidron

Ron is the grandson of the painter Samuel Grodzienski (1890 – 1960) – inventor of Artelanism (see Wikipedia) – painting technique with virgin wool yarns dyed with lanolin (up to 10,000 different colors), which he developed in Berlin at the beginning of the 20th century.

Samuel gave his grandson as a gift, PRINCE OF THE SEA miniature painting- which inspired Ron’s first CD with that name in 2003 (and includes the song with the same name). That painting and 120 others by the same painter, can be seen on his website and 40 of them are included in the video (see video) made by Alex, son of Ron, with the song Principe del Mar as musical background.

This is the web music creator and literary Ron Gidron Kalka, born in 1946, and since 1960,resident in Madrid Spain.

Its main purposes are to present the creative work of rum and in particular:

  • songs composed by him (music, lyrics and vocales)
  •  the writings that reflected his vision and philosophy of life.
  • Personal biography and family history which can be traced back many centuries ago and passthrough different countries where he lives the ancestors of Ron Ron.
  • Images (videos and photos) of the life of Ron and his family.
  • News and future projects of rum as a creator.

This website was conceived after the release of the first cd (double) of rum, in late 2003, calledPrince of the sea, the first public presentation of rum as an artist. With this step, Ron takesconscience leave a musical and cultural legacy that can be enjoyed by many people, known ornot Ron, in the present and in the future, and easily accessible form on the internet.

To achieve this, Ron has been a soundtrack and other possibilities (example: sheet music), forbetter enjoyment of all who visit both this website and their facebook, reverbnation andbandcamp and soundcloud page.

Chronology (Conversely, since 2018)

2018: Successful performance of more over an hour and 17 songs, before a completely full house with 150 people in Centro Sefarad-Israel in Madrid, after a previous recital of 8 songs in Alicante in July (In the garden of the Populi restaurant)

2018: First live musical performance scheduled for November 27, 2018, called Las Dos Orillas (The two shores of the Mediterranean Sea)

2018: Ron participates in the Zemereshet project (conservation of older Israeli musical heritage from before 1960) with 20 songs recorded by Ron (14 already published).

2017: Ron keeps composing about 2 themes per month (see web news). Spotify: Ebony & Ivory: Piano Studios

2016: 2 virtual CDs of relaxation music called Manguinot I and II released, also on Spotify

2015: Virtual CD Bodegón de Sentimientos (Still life of Feelings), via Routenote, on Spotify

2014: Ron publishes his third physical cd “sounds of the heart” with 18 songs (ron in duo, is in 17 of them) in spanish, english and (one) hebrew

2013: Complete their third cd “sounds of the heart” with more than 40 new songs.

2012: It comprises more than 30 pieces for ballet “bar and mirror” classes

2011: It comprises more than 50 studies of “ebony and ivory” piano collection

2010: Argentine began collaboration with the musician Sergio González Carducci, also.

2008-2009: still composing and arranging with Pedro Zaidman, up to that commitment andsuccess of sing games prevent the continuation of this collaboration.

2006: Complete “ombo”, second cd with 21 new songs, released in 2007 (instrumental) learnsinging with maestro Robert Jeantal. It leaves him for a health issue.

2004: Continuous creative work and prose composition. It prepares another cd and postpone the book

2003: Arranged with Argentine musician Pedro Zaidman “Prince of the sea”, published double cdwith 24 instrumental tracks and Sung 13, music and lyrics by Ron record for the first time as a singer (pioneer, song about his father)

2002: Begins early writings (future book “citizen of the world”) are accelerated compositions. You choose to edit a cd.

1997: Daniel marries Sandra Atance 1999: Daniel born Jr., first grandson of Ron and Lourdes

1990: Founded kirby tse (next to Sun Volkman). Since 1995 he is solo.

1986: Presides over the European Committee of chimneys metallic (until 1999) directs theEuropean traveling throughout Europe and Spain standards.

1983: Born Alejandro – Alexis, fourth son. First musical compositions (from 1981 to 1990)recovered years later.

1980: Leaves the great company. It acts as Advisor and directs Chimenesa, pioneer in stainlesssteel flues.

1977: Born Miriam – Sonia, third daughter. They moved to “the House of always”.

1975: founded Chimenesa. It works as an Executive in the multinational Marconi, of the ITT Group(until 1980). He began studies of guitar with his son Daniel and the teacher Carlos Morales(Argentine, Abel Carlevaro school)

1973: Ron goes to work for Wallace-Murray Corporation (Selkirk) (which then will be yourcompany of 25 years, Chimenesa)

1972: Born Nathalie, second daughter of the marriage

1971: They move to live in Spain, with the Xerox (avoiding go to Viet Nam)

1970: Born Daniel, the eldest of 4 sons Ron and Lourdes

1969: After receiving the title of engineer base, moved to Rochester, with grant from XeroxCorporation. MBA studies at that University (title 1971).

1968: Ron and Lourdes are married in alicante, Spain. They live in the U.S.

1966: Studying electronic engineering in Ithaca, new york (cornell university) USA He graduatedin 1969 with honours.

1963: Ron and Lourdes are initiated as a couple. Born Gaul (ola), the last sister. He began militaryservice in the desert and Red Sea until the beginning of 1966.

1961: Meet in alicante Lourdes Sánchez Serra (the other half). Love at first sight

1960: Emigrated to Spain after his family. Learn Spanish

1958-59: Summer stays in Switzerland. Travel in Europe. Expo 58 Brussels. His brother Ziv (Ray oflight) is born learning of English and French. Painting classes with his grandfather Samuel

1955: Born his brother Gil (joy). Trip to Cyprus

1950: Born your sister Shira (its name means “Ridge”)

1948: 1 year he lives in Belgium. Learn French and Flemish

1946: Ron was born in Palestine (Israel), son of Zev and Drora (Ron means “are” musical)

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