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24 December 2014

A dozen of major things that allow me to happiness in life

Happiness: A dozen of major things that allow me to happiness in life (10/2012) according to the course of Harvard’s Tal Ben-Shahar (submitted by Mati)

You need to revise the order of importance (first draft without much thought…)

1. good luck in life: where was born, my family, how I will in general… Live in this twentieth and twenty-first century in which the world progresses (with reserves…). And the cultural heritage of my origins (village, ancestors…).

2. the relationship with my partner and share love, activities and special moments with her

3. my children and grandchildren, spending time and sharing love and experiences with them

4. my health (despite setbacks) and my physical (energy, strength…). Power sports to tennis, skiing, scuba diving, swimming, chess and other games of mental wit. To sleep to loose leg. And dreaming soundtrack…

5. my personality (curious, active, positive…), intelligence, my values, concerns and the ability to make good use of the time and make a lot of things that I would suggest learning to benefit from technological advances and learn to adapt to them. Have clean conscience and do what you think right in anything regardless I “say”.

6. my professional career (with some reservations) and as I was in it so far. Have generated wealth for mine but also for others, teach, and share. The privilege to be free from hunger and other hardships, in a world where unfortunately abound. Provide space and comfort for work and rest, savings and good income (although much smaller). The independence that entails, at least while there is health. And economic, even when one loses the physical or mental, by age.

7. the gift of to compose melodies and write songs, play, sing and enjoy the music. And to dream to invent songs. The concerts. To write letters on poetry in three languages, saying the same thing.

8. my family more wide (including the policy) and the (few) good friends that I have. With good relations and absence of major conflicts.

9. the country where I have the chance to settle me and live in peace (habits, know how to live, food, culture…) and the best changes that has experienced over 50 long years I’ve been here, since my parents decided to emigrate to Spain, and not to the India… The NAP, culinary delights, dishes and tapas.

10 travel, see natural landscapes, and enormous luck often go to the sea and to the mountain, have homes in privileged landscapes. See the world and speak several languages that allow me to communicate well with those worlds.

11. cultural activities: opera, theatre, cinema, reading (especially historical novels), TV nature programs, watch sports shows.

12 to be able to think and exercise my intellect with freedom, meditate and write my thoughts, remember the good moments lived, the tranquillity that gives experience and maturity, and learning to adapt to the changes of the age… With some resignation and trying to minimize the frustration of these losses.

Thanks for giving me so much life. Thanks to my star, for having guided. Thanks to my people for supporting me. And thanks to my genes, by wishing happiness and strive to get it

In plan telegram:

Luck; couple; children and grandchildren (descendants); health; way of being; work; Music; rest of family; Spain; nature; mental activities; freedom.

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