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07 August 2019

The theme “Nights of Ibiza” will be the OST of the short film “Letters of Love to a Bullfighter”

The well known Cinema Directot from Alicante (Spain) Miss Reyes Caballero, has selected Ron’s composition “Nights of Ibiza”, in its solo guitar version, as the Original Soundtrack of her new short film Cartas de Amor a un Torero (7 minute contest version), which will be presented shortly to a film festival.

The theme was composed by Ron inspired by more than 30 years of memorable summers stays in Ibiza (in its sung version it is called “A Balearic Night”), during a stay in Cala Llonga Many people consider this work as one of Ron’s best.

Its structure is reminiscent of “Anonymous Romance”, with tremolos in ternary rhythm (really a 9/8 beat),It begins in La minor and later modulates to major, returning to minor at the end of the more than 5 minutes duration theme.

The intention of the director, is to combine it with other music for the 15-minute long version of this Short Film, and in the long term, perhaps to a full length feature film based on this short film and others by the same filmmaker.

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