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27 April 2018


For me (and in the dictionary of the Royal Academy it also says) in general a herd is a group of animals, not humans … And it is well known that if a group of people behaves like a pack, anything can happen – In general bad things, because they no longer respond to human criteria or feel individual responsibility for their behavior since they hide behind the support of “the pack” (or the group boss). It happened with Fascism, Nazism … And now with “machismo”.

Fortunately, something worse has not happened in Pamplona, ​​that is, the victim has not been murdered (as happened in India). But the judge who wanted to absolve them …was probably educated in macho clichés: If a girl says no, can it mean yes? I do not believe that any woman, in a sober state, wants (or even resigns) to have sex with 5 unknown individuals (and more of this brutal kind) in an empty portal, on the floor. The mere attitude, brute aspect and sheer number of these “animals” already intimidates. So there is coercion.

And the last straw is that they are not wolves, but people: They record their acts, they publish it on Social Media. Without hesitation, violating the privacy of the woman. That’s not what animals do … So they have the worst of both: animals and humans. In my opinion, the individual who wanted to absolve them is not qualified to be a judge, because it is not a “technical” issue, it is pure machismo.

Of course I do not think that what the other two judges have decided is correct either – and I hope that in the appeals the sentences will be hardened, based on the violent intimidation. But at least they have sentenced this “animals” to the maximum of 9 years in prison that the law allows, so now the issue is whether the law is or is not clear enough, or must be reformed.

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